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Yukari Takeba is not only one of the first teammates available to you in Persona 3 Portable but also one of the first social links available. If you play as the male protagonist, you also have the chance to romance her, making her a popular social link. However, there is also the chance her link will reverse, so be careful what you say.

Here is everything you need to know about the Lovers social link.

You will have to be level 68 before you can craft Cybele. You also have to max out the Lovers Arcana social link by talking to Yukari after school. However, it will automatically gain 10 levels thanks to your maxed-out social link.

Much like Yukari, Cybele is a healer, and can also deal large amounts of Almighty damage. The other good point about Cybele is that it has no weaknesses, meaning you are unlikely to give the enemy an extra turn.

Here are the moves it learns:

  • Start - Samarecarm
  • Start - Auto-Maraku
  • Start - Myriad Arrows
  • Level 70 - Megidola
  • Level 73 - Bow Master
  • Level 75 - Spell Master

Both the female and the male protagonist have a social link with Yukari, but only the male protagonist can romance her. The Lovers Arcana social link can be started by the female protagonist on April 28. Talk to Yukari inside the classroom after school in order to start the link.

Talk to Yukari inside the classroom after school to start the social link.

Talk to Yukari inside the classroom after school to start the social link.

Yukari will stand in the same spot on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday after school, where you can accompany her on the walk home.

It is advised that you bring a Lovers persona with you to max out this social link. Otherwise, you will have to hang out with Yukari more than 10 times in order to max out the link. While she is romanceable as the male protagonist, she doesn’t take too long to complete her social link.

Yukari can call you during your days off, come to you at lunchtime, and can hang out with you as you walk Koromaru. Agreeing at lunchtime will usually increase your social rank, but agreeing on a day off never will. Walking Koromaru with her will award you three affection points for both characters. There is also a chance to meet another character while out.

If you do not see a dialogue choice listed, then what you choose doesn’t make a difference to progression. We played as the female protagonist and answers for the male protagonist may be slightly different. The correct dialogue options are:

  • Rank 1 - Choose any.
  • Rank 2 - I like gerbera.
  • Rank 3 - Choose any.
  • Rank 4 - Are you alright?
  • Rank 5 - Choose any.
  • Rank 6 - No.
    • Isn’t it because we’re friends?
  • Rank 7 - Choose any.
  • Rank 8 - Let’s get a matching set!
  • Rank 9 - You won’t have a problem.
  • Rank 10 - I’m a total JPop fan.