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The rough-and-tumble Chie is one of your closest confidants and friends in Persona 4 Golden and is one of the earlier social links you’ll unlock. As a party member, progressing through her social link will offer useful and often powerful abilities in combat, so you’ll want to make sure you max it out as early as you can.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chariot Arcana social link in Persona 4 Golden.

Futsunushi is a powerful late-game persona, requiring players to be at level 80 to fuse it. You’ll also have to max out the Chariot Arcana social link by growing your friendship with party member Yosuke.

Futsunushi’s power is based around Physical attacks, but it has a weakness to Dark-type attacks, which are fairly common in the late-game. Players should still equip Dark negating accessories if they want to use it. Mada is one of the strongest Physical attackers in the game, which is a great boon as most enemies are neutral to Physical attacks and very few are resistant.

Here are the moves Mada learns:

  • Start - Primal Force
  • Start - Matarukaja
  • Start - Power Charge
  • Level 82 - Apt Pupil
  • Level 83 - Null Dizzy
  • Level 84 - Ali Dance
  • Level 85 - Arms Master
  • Level 86 - Firm Stance

Chie’s Chariot Arcana social link starts automatically on April 18. It’s activated by a story sequence, so players won’t have to go out of their way to get started.

After initiating the social link, Chie will be available to hang out with on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, except on days when it’s raining, during which she’s unavailable. She’s located on the School Roof on weekdays, and at the South Shopping District on holidays.

The last day to increase social link rank for the Chariot Arcana is November 27, so if you want to max out the social link and unlock Futsunushi and Chie’s ultimate Persona, Suzuka Gongen.

It’s recommended that players bring a Chariot persona with them to max out this social link, otherwise it could take much longer than necessary to max out the link. Chie’s link is fairly easy to rank up, with very few requirements outside of spending time together and answering questions the right way, although some dialogue options will require certain social skill levels.

Chie is also one of the romanceable characters in Persona 4 Golden, with some dialogue choices changing depending on whether or not you enter into a relationship with her. These will be clearly marked.

If you do not see a dialogue choice listed, then what you choose doesn’t make a difference to progression. The correct dialogue options are:

  • Rank 1 - Automatic.
  • Rank 2 - Right
    • I’m cool with it.
  • Rank 3 - It’s cute. (Level 3 Courage required) / It’s very feminine.
  • Rank 4 - Quit bragging on her. (Level 3 Courage required) / None of your business.
    • Hold Chie’s hand (Level 3 Courage required) / Crack a joke
  • Rank 5 - Looks delicious.
    • I worry more for you.
  • Rank 6 - Exactly.
    • Of course.
  • Rank 7 - It’s not trouble.
  • Rank 8 - That’s the first step.
    • You’re right.
  • Rank 9 - You protected that kid.
    • Romance: Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Rank 10 (relationship) - It was messier.
    • That sounds good.
  • Rank 10 (friends) - Choose any.