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Pikmin 4: beginner tips for fast progress

Whether you're an expert or amateur Pikmin player, these Pikmin 4 tips will help you ease into the new game
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Pikmin 4 is out now, and it comes with a few changes. There’s a new game engine, for one, and it’s far more expansive than any of the Pikmin games you may have played previously. There are more Pikmin than ever, and Oatchi drastically changes how you will approach a bunch of challenges. You can’t even build up an army of 100 Pikmin at the start of the game! Rough.

In this guide we’ve got ten tips to help you ease into Pikmin 4. You’ll need to approach many of the challenges in this game strategically, but with this advice you should have everything you need to get stuck in, as long as you pay attention in the tutorial and have some Pikmin experience.

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