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Mobile game Pokémon Go is adding another big hitter to its list of available mega evolutions: The legendary Mega Rayquaza is coming to town during GO Fest 2023 over the summer. Befitting of its special status as the mega evolution of a bona fide Legendary, the sky dragon comes with a few special mechanics other mega evolutions don’t have.

For one, there is a special requirement to be able to mega evolve Rayquaza: This can only be done with a specimen that knows the move Dragon Ascent, a brand-new Charged Attack. You can teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent by using another new addition to Pokémon Go, an item called Meteorite.

Meteorites can be obtained by completing certain research tasks during GO Fest 2023 – ticket holders and those without paid access to GO Fest 2023 will gain access to Special Research stories that enable them to get Meteorites, though ticket holders will get to do all that first.

You’ll still need the necessary Mega Energy to proceed with the initial mega evolution even after teaching your Rayquaza Dragon Ascent with the help of a Meteorite, so completing mega raids against the monster is a must. Again, only ticket holders will be able to collect Mega Energy for Rayquaza during the regional GO Fest 2023 events in London, Osaka, and New York City, but everyone else will be able to join the party during the Global GO Fest on August 27, 2023.

Once you’ve jumped through all the hoops to get Mega Rayquaza, you’ll be in for a treat, since this is an especially powerful mega evolution, which is reflected in the game: Aside from offering a mighty damage boost for all allied Pokémon of the Flying-, Psychic-, and Dragon-types during raid and Gym battles, Mega Rayquaza straight-up increases everyone’s damage in these fights, regardless of typing.

Catching Flying-, Psychic-, and Dragon-types while Mega Rayquaza is evolved will grant you more XP, additional Candy, and an increased chance of getting Candy XL. Subsequent Mega Rayquaza evolutions power up its mega evolution level, boosting these bonuses further.

Here’s your Mega Rayquaza evolution summary:

  1. Obtain a Meteorite.
  2. Teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent by using a Meteorite.
  3. Collect Mega Energy from Mega Rayquaza raids.
  4. Evolve Mega Rayquaza.

Those with tickets to the GO Fest 2023 events in Osaka and London will be able to do all of that from August 4 to 6, 2023, those with tickets to the New York City event from August 18 to 20, 2023, and everyone else on August 27, 2023.