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The Starry Skies Special Research is available in Pokémon Go during the Solstice Horizons event running from June 16, 2023, at 10am local time to June 25, 2023, at 8pm local time.

It has to be noted that Starry Skies is automatically available to everyone logging into the game while Solstice Horizons is going on. Once you’ve got the Special Research, you can complete it whenever you want. There is an option to purchase a ticket for Starry Skies for the price of $4.99 or your regional equivalent as well, which allows you to play through the mission for a second time – which is going to be great for players who really want to grab another Cosmog, the grand reward of this mission chain.

Here are all Starry Skies Special Research Tasks in Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go Starry Skies: all Special Research Tasks

Both the paid and free versions of Starry Skies have the same missions and rewards and both follow the same general outline – they start off with one step consisting of three tasks and then branch out into two separate paths, between which you can choose.

The principal difference between these two branches is that one offers a Grassy Lure and the other a Glacial Lure, so it’s up to you which one you need more.

Step 1 of 4

  • Explore 2 km: Solosis
  • Catch 2 Psychic-type Pokémon: Abra
  • Catch 10 different species of Pokémon: Gothita
  • Complete all tasks in this step: Razz Berry x5, Stardust x7, and Wobbuffet

After completing Step 1, choose to “Help Research Daytime Pokémon” or “Help Research Nighttime Pokémon” to continue.

Pokémon Go Solstice Horizons: all Field Research Tasks

In addition to the Special Research, Solstice Horizons has a few Field Research Tasks in store you can find during the event’s runtime by spinning the photo discs of PokéStops. Here are the exclusive Field Research Tasks for this event:

  • Catch 10 Pokémon: Fomantis
  • Catch 5 Grass- or Bug-type Pokémon: Stardust x500
  • Catch 5 Ghost- or Dark-type Pokémon: Stardust x500

Pokémon Go Solstice Horizons: Collection Challenge

As if that’s not enough action, Solstice Horizons includes two Collection Challenges as well – here are the requirements and rewards:

Daytime Challenge – Stardust x2,000 and Fomantis

  • Solrock (wild)
  • Ledyba (wild)
  • Petilil (wild)
  • Purrloin (wild)
  • Drifloon (wild)
  • Sewaddle (wild)
  • Cottonee (wild)
  • Murkrow (wild)

Nighttime Challenge – Stardust x2,000 and Fomantis

  • Lunatone (wild)
  • Spinarak (wild)
  • Oddish (wild)
  • Stunky (wild)
  • Misdreavus (wild)
  • Venipede (wild)
  • Foongus (wild)
  • Phantump (wild)

There is nothing special about these challenges, since all of the required Pokémon are available as spawns in the wild during the respective time.