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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: how to get the Glimmering Charm

How to get the Glimmering Charm and what it does in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

While the story of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask will only take you roughly 6-8 hours, there is one task that could take you a lot longer: filling up your Pokédex. There are 200 Pokémon in the Kitakami Pokédex, and while there is a fair bit of crossover with Paldea, there are just as many new or returning Pokémon in the Scarlet and Violet DLC.

Your reward for getting it all done? The Glimmering Charm, a brand new item that we’ll explain how to get and what it does.

How to get the Glimmering Charm – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

Pokemon SV DLC Pokedex diploma

As we said before, the first requirement is completing the Pokédex, something that requires beating the DLC’s main story as well as Perrin’s side quest to catch Bloodmoon Ursaluna in Scarlet & Violet. Once you’ve filled it up, head over to Jacq, who will be standing at the far end of the bridge on the east side of Mossui Town – the same place where he gives you the Scarlet & Violet Sinnoh starters.

He’ll give you a fancy diploma for completing your Pokédex as well as this brand new item, the Glimmering Charm.

What does the Glimmering Charm do? – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

Pokemon SV DLC Glimmering Charm

The Glimmering Charm increases the amount of tera shards you get from completing tera raid battles. You can use 50 of these shards to change a Pokémon’s tera-type, so the ability to gather them quicker is a massive benefit to team crafting. Like all other “charm” items, it is automatically active from the moment you receive it, and it cannot be turned off.