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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: Iron Crown location

How to catch Iron Crown in the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Once you’ve caught enough Pokémon in your Blueberry Academy Pokédex, you’ll eventually get the opportunity to catch some new Paradox Pokémon hidden somewhere in Area Zero. Completing Perrin’s quest in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC will give you the opportunity to see two photos that hint at the locations of these new Pokémon, but it’s up to you to find them yourself.

If you have Pokémon Violet, then Iron Crown will be one of the two Pokémon you can find, so we’ll explain where it’s found and how to catch it.

How to find and catch Iron Crown in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC

Pokémon Iron Crown

Iron Crown is a brand new Paradox Pokémon in the Indigo Disk.

Iron Crown is one of the easier of these Pokemon to find, as it’s right near the top of Area Zero.

Enter the area through the main base – where you first enter it in the story. Walk forward and you’ll see a hole in the ground to your left that is fenced-off, if you jump down that hole you’ll likely land directly on top of Iron Crown, who is wandering around in a small alcove there.

Catching it is no different from any other legendary encounter. It’s best to bring a Pokémon that knows False Swipe, as well as some sort of move to paralyze or put it to sleep – then throw your best Poké Balls until you succeed.