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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: how to complete Perrin's quest

How to complete Perrin's quest in the Indigo Disk Pokémon Scarlet & Violet DLC, and what your rewards are

Much like in the Teal Mask DLC before it, you’ll be able to find Perrin hanging around the starting area in the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Also like before, she’ll task you with filling up your Blueberry Pokédex as much as you can, with a bunch of rewards from the dex itself along the way.

We’ll explain what to do to complete Perrin’s quest and what you get for going through all of that trouble.

How to complete Perrin’s quest in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC

Pokémon SV DLC Perrin

Perrin wants you to catch more Pokémon in the Indigo Disk.

This time, Perrin will ask you to register 200 Pokémon in your Blueberry Pokédex, which is a bit of a tall task. Even if you’ve fully completed your Paldea Pokédex, you won’t hit this number, and if you’re playing on launch day, then Pokémon HOME won’t be available yet to make up the difference.

It means you’re going to have to go around catching as many of the Pokémon not in Paldea as you can. You can check our list of every returning Pokémon in the Scarlet & Violet DLC if you need to know what new ‘mons you can find in the Academy.

Perrin’s quest rewards in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC

Pokemon SV DLC Gouging Fire

The new Paradox Pokémon are locked behind Perrin's quest in the Indigo Disk.

As a reward for filling up your Pokédex enough to make Perrin happy, she will show you a pair of elusive photographs she took. These photos will correspond to the locations in Area Zero where you can find the new Paradox Pokemon added by this DLC. In Scarlet, you will see the locations of Raging Bolt and Gouging Fire, while Violet players will be shown photos of Iron Crown and Iron Boulder.

It’s your job to work out exactly what locations those photos refer to, but we have some guides on exactly where you can find and catch them: