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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: how to get a free Shiny Blitzle

How to get a Shiny Blitzle in the Indigo Disk DLC for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

There are secrets hidden all over the place in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’s Indigo Disk DLC, but this is one that most players are going to want to go out of their way to get. Hidden behind a small gauntlet of tasks is a gifted shiny Pokémon, something which is very rarely given in Pokémon games.

We’ll explain how to get this Shiny Blitzle as quickly as possible.

How to get a Shiny Blitzle in the Indigo Disk Pokémon DLC

Pokemon Blitzle

Free shiny Pokémon are very rarely handed out in the series.

For this, you need to use the feature where you invite people into your clubhouse as coaches. When you invite a coach to your clubhouse you can battle them, and if you invite two people at a time, they will interact with each other.

If you invite someone three times, on the fourth visit they will offer to trade one of their Pokémon with you, and it will have a special mark that gives it their original trainer’s name in battle. The only requirement for these trades is that you give in return a Pokémon you caught yourself that isn’t shiny or otherwise “special”, like Ogrepon or Koraidon/Miraidon.

Just one coach will offer you the Shiny Blitzle in their trade, but you’ll need to work your way up to them. Once you’ve invited every other possible attendee to your clubhouse at least once, you’ll be able to invite Cryano, the director of Blueberry Academy. Like all the others, on his fourth visit, you can trade to receive your Shiny Blitzle.