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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC: How to evolve Poltchageist

Use this guide to find a Poltchageist and track down its evolution item, the Unremarkable Teacup.

Poltchageist is a brand-new Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet’s first DLC, The Teal Mask. It’s a convergent form of Polteageist, but themed around matcha and green tea, and has an interesting backwards evolution where it evolves into a convergent form of Sinistea.

Finding Poltchageist in the first place can be a bit tricky, and tracking down its evolution item can be even harder. This guide will tell you where to catch Poltchageist, including a guaranteed static spawn, and where to find its evolution item, the Unremarkable Teacup.

How to get Poltchageist – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

Poltchageist is a tricky one to track down in Kitakami, as even if you’ve seen it and have the location data in your ‘Dex, it won’t spawn everywhere within that zone. Instead there’s a secret to finding Poltchageist: it only spawns next to bamboo trees. This drastically narrows down the locations you need to search, which is a good thing since it seems to be somewhat rare.

The quickest place to get to where Poltchageist spawns is just down from Kitakami Hall, on Reveler’s Road. There’s a small bamboo grove lining the edges of the road, and Poltchageist spawn here fairly often. There’s an easier way though — to the far east of Kitakami is a bamboo grove to the north of Mossfell Confluence, and in this grove is a static wild Tera spawn.

Be careful when catching it — most Poltchageist have Memento, which instantly knocks out the Pokémon that uses it. Save before you start the battle, throw a quick ball or put it to sleep, and hope for the best.

Unremarkable Teacup location – The Teal Mask Pokémon DLC

To evolve Poltchageist into Sinistcha (see, told you it was a bit backwards), you’ll need one of two items, depending on the form you’ve caught. The most common Poltchageist you’ll find is the Counterfeit Form, which is the only one that the vast majority of players will ever see in their games.

To evolve a Counterfeit Poltchageist, you’ll need an item called an Unremarkable Teacup. You seemingly can’t buy this from stores, but there are a few set locations where you can pick one up. The best place to grab one is from the center of the Paradise Barrens, in a cave in one of the rock walls there. You’ll need to go there as part of the story anyway, and it’s right next to the story trigger for that area, so that’s a good time to pick it up.

A cave in Pokemon SV DLC.

There is another extremely rare form of Poltchageist, Masterpiece Form, which requires a Masterpiece Teacup to evolve. We haven’t found one of these yet, but we’ll update this guide when we do, on the off chance you come across a Masterpiece Poltchageist.

Once you have your Teacup, all you have to do is use it from the bag on your Poltchageist, and it will evolve into Sinistcha.

A newly evolved Sinistcha in Pokemon SV DLC.