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Remnant 2: how to unlock the Archon archetype

How to unlock the Archon class in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 isn’t afraid to hide secrets in places some players may never even see, and there’s one particular secret being hidden so well, that it took players almost two full weeks with the game before anyone found it.

The Archon archetype is one of the game’s six secret archetypes, all of which require finding some secrets and completing a task or two. Some are simple, like the Summoner archetype, while others like the Invader archetype put you through a gauntlet of hidden items.

We'll tell you the many strange steps for how to unlock the Archon archetype so you can go searching for yourself.

How to unlock the Archon archetype – Remnant 2

Remnant 2 gameplay

There was a lot of speculation and arguing surrounding this one, as it was a deliberately tricky puzzle. As it turns out, you need to not only have specific abilities from other classes, but also a unique item in every equipment slot.

Here is the full list of requirements:

  • Worm Hole skill active (Invader Level 5)
  • Fortune Hunter skill active (Explorer Level 10)
  • Leto's Amulet
  • Amber Moonstone
  • Anastasija's Inspiration
  • Zania's Malice
  • Black Cat Band
  • Full Realmwalker Armor Set
  • Ford's Scattergun
  • Cube Gun
  • Labyrinth Staff
  • Void Heart Relic

With all of that equipped, go to the corrupted biome gate, which is covered in red. You need to use the Biome Portal Key on the corrupted biome gate and you'll be transported to a new area, the Backrooms. You have a limited time in this maze-like area to find the Strange Box item.

Once you've got it, you can take it to Wallace in Ward 13 and finally unlock this puzzling class.