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Skull and Bones: Mopane location and how to get mopane plank

No more mopane around, now

Where to find Skull and Bones mopane locations feels like a bit of a gamble, even if you have the resource tracked in the open-world game. Skull and Bones’ wood resources aren’t marked clearly in the world, so filtering your map to show only mopane is only going to get you so far. You’ll need plenty of the stuff if you want mopane planks, but with the right fast travel point unlocked, you can get a fair amount of mopane in one go.

Our Skull and Bones mopane guide points out where to find mopane with little fuss and how to get mopane planks once you do.

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Skull and Bones Mopane locations

A map showing mopane locations in Skull and Bones

Mind how you go in Pilot's Bay, as it's easy to accidentally run into other factions

Most of Skull and Bones’ mopane groves are in the Pilot Bay area, west of the Sacred Tree dock and the Reef Sea. You can also find one lonely little mopane grove on the northeastern edge of Sultani Island.

Mopane trees look pretty much like every other wood resource you can harvest. If you’re having trouble finding them, get your telescope out and focus on a clump of trees so you can see whether you’re on the right track.

Harvesting mopane works the same as harvesting acacia and other woods. You can get it with the base Saw I – no upgrade required. Approach the node, press the button when prompted, and complete the little quick-time event. Aim for the green parts to get more mopane, though you’ll still get some if you miss and hit the yellow zone.

Skull and Bones: How to get mopane plank

Mopane planks are refined mopane, so you’ll need to visit the refiner on Sainte-Anne to have her work her magic. Getting one mopane plank requires five stacks of mopane wood, so plan on making the journey several times to get all that you need.

Skull and Bones mopane farm

A map showing Kaa Mangrove, a fast travel point near mopane locations in Skull and Bones

It doesn't look like much, but it's a convenient little hideaway

Mopane regenerates after a few minutes of real-world time. You can take your haul to the refinery and come back again to get more, and it’ll probably have respawned by then. The closest fast travel point is Kaa Mangrove, tucked away in the west just north of Pilot Bay.

The area is dense with shipping, so you might want to sail at middle or low speed. Most ships are level eight or so, and the last thing you want is getting in a fight with an entire faction when you’re out for a quick resource grab.