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Sons of the Forest: where to find rope and the rope gun

Sons of the Forest has lots of caves and mountains to explore, and you're going to need rope if you want to get anywhere in them

In Sons of the Forest, if you want to get anywhere you’re going to need to dive into the many caves scattered around the island. That’s where key items like the Sons of the Forest shovel are waiting to be found. However, traveling up and down vertical distances isn’t going to be easy without some trusty rope to get down – and then you’ll obviously need a rope gun if you want to get back up again.

We’ll show you where to find rope in Sons of the Forest as well as the rope gun location.

Sons of the Forest rope locations

Sons of the Forest holding a rope gun

The first thing you need to know about rope is that there are two types in the game. Regular rope is marked by a coil symbol, while zipline rope has a figure of 8 symbol, so they’re easy to confuse. Unfortunately, you can’t craft rope, you need to find it out in the world, which isn’t too difficult.

You want to look for hints of humans previously living on the island. Things like abandoned/enemy camps, the crash site, or even cliff edges where people have previously tried to climb up. In fact, you may be able to find some rope at cave openings if you’re lucky, and if other people have tried to explore it before you.

Sons of the Forest rope gun location

Sons of the Forest map with the cave for the rope gun circled

The rope gun is a great item because it essentially works as a grappling hook, and will allow you to climb some vertical surfaces from the bottom. You can find it by heading to the cave we’ve circled on the map above. While it’s not essential to bring any other key items with you, you’ll need some form of explosive. A grenade is probably the easiest thing to use, as you’ll need to clear some debris plus, something a little more…alive.

Traverse the cave all the way to the end and you’ll be rewarded with the rope gun, which you can use to get other key items later down the line.