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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s best Holotactics teams, strategies, and units

The best Holotactics teams, strategies, and units you need to use to clear through this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor minigame
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What big triple-A RPG adventure is complete without a multi-layered minigame with a surprising amount of strategy, eh? That’s right, none of them, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Holotactics is basically a Star Wars-themed auto-battler that could absolutely be its own standalone mobile app.

Yes, Holotactics is a surprising amount of fun, and you can collect a variety of unique monsters and droids to add to your arsenal of fighters. However, you start with a surprisingly capable team, and you can use this team to smash through all of the Holotactics opponents for a nice shiny trophy.

For everything you need to take on foes in Holotactics, just read through our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor tips below.

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