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Starfield: where to buy Digipicks

This Starfield Digipick guide will make sure you're always full of this important item
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If you want to find the best-hidden treasure in Starfield behind locked doors, you'll need to complete the Starfield lockpicking minigame. but you can’t do that without Digipicks. These are the tools that let you pick locks, and the more of them you have, the more second chances you can get. Every time you “undo” a move in the lockpicking minigame, it costs a Digipick, so you’ll need a way to pick up lots very quickly.

There are two main methods we’ve found that lets you get lots of Digipicks very quickly, so we’ll explain how to get them.

Where to buy Digipicks - Starfield

Starfield Digipick

So, where to get Digipicks? The vast majority of general store vendors in Starfield will sell Digipicks. Places like the Trade Authority and any non-specialized shop usually have between one and three Digipicks on sale whenever their stock refreshes – they’re pretty cheap too.

You can buy up all of their Digipicks, then find the nearest bed or place to sit. Rest/wait for 24 hours to reset the shops’ stock, then go over and buy all their Digipicks again – you can keep doing this until you have as many picks as you want.

Complete the “Groundpounder” quest – Starfield Digipicks

Starfield Altair II

This is an odd method, but a surprisingly effective one. This quest’s location might be random, but for us, it popped up on Altair II. Without spoiling too much about the quest, you need to clear out a bunch of Spacers from a big research station that’s full of dead scientists and soldiers.

The thing is, when we played this quest, almost every scientist and soldier had a Digipick or two on their bodies, letting you loot them all. We came away from that quest with roughly 40 Digipicks for free, so it’s worth seeking this mission out.

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