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Starfield Executive Level: should you shut down Project Dominion?

Should you vote to shut down Project Dominion and the Internal Neuroamp in Starfield's Executive Level quest?

The world of corporate espionage is surprisingly entertaining, and once you’ve finally recovered the Internal Neuroamp from Infinity LTD, the final meeting of the Ryujin questline will take place. Two major issues are on the table that the board will vote on, whether Ryujin should buy out Infinity LTD, and whether Project Dominion should continue.

Project Dominion effectively gives the user the power of mind control, so there are heavy ethical concerns over letting it be released to the public. Thankfully, you have great influence (and the aforementioned mind control powers) at Ryujin, and you can try and sway each board member’s opinion to vote the way you want.

Should you allow Project Dominion to continue? – Starfield Executive Level

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Including you, there are eight votes on the Ryujin board, and the CEO breaks all ties. In this case, the CEO is greatly in favor of Project Dominion, so anyone intending to shut down the project will need to convince at least four other board members. It’s also important to remember that if you plan to expose Ularu as the mole, her votes won’t count, so don’t rely on her to sway the board.

As far as rewards are concerned, you get the same rewards no matter what you choose. Said rewards include your own office in Ryujin Towers, as well as access to their exclusive mission board for more XP and credit rewards.