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Starfield: How to join the Crimson Fleet

How to join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield
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The Crimson Fleet is a group of no-good space pirates in Starfield, so it’s natural to want to get on board with their operation - it's certainly a big change of pace to Starfield's main story. They’re one of the major factions that you can join in Starfield, but getting in with them isn’t as easy as asking for an application. Instead, you’ll have to take the roundabout route that puts you in a difficult moral position.

We’ll explain how to join the Crimson Fleet so you can get on the questline and make your own choices as to how to deal with them.

How to start the Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield

Starfield UC Sysdef Commander Ikande

The quickest and easiest way to join the Crimson Fleet is to get arrested in New Atlantis. It’s best to dismiss your companion before doing this, as they likely won’t approve of you committing a crime, but just run up to a guard or civilian and give them a little punch. Surrender by holstering your weapon and agree to be taken to prison.

Instead of the regular prison, you’ll be taken to a UC Sysdef starship, where you’ll be given a deal. Your crimes will be overlooked in exchange for going undercover in the Crimson Fleet.

Agree and you’ll begin your infiltration - be sure to customize your Starfield ship and kit it out with great weapons before you start - Without spoiling too much, as the questline goes on, you’ll have the ability to choose your true loyalties, so you can still become a fully-fledged pirate if that’s what you want.

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