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Starfield: Mantis quest walkthrough and puzzle solution

How to solve the password puzzle in the Mantis side-quest in Starfield
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Do you want to be a superhero? Or at least, the closest thing Starfield can get to it? Then you need to seek out the Mantis. You’ll pick up this quest by reading a note about a secret outpost that drops from a corpse, and it will point you in the direction of Denebola I-b, heading there can get you some very cool rewards, but there are trials to overcome first.

We’ll give you a full walkthrough for this quest as well as the Mantis puzzle solution so you can get your hands on the secrets that lie inside. Note that there is plenty of hidden treasure along the way in this mission, but you’ll need to complete Starfield's lockpicking minigames to get it all, so make sure you’re stocked up on Digipicks.

Infiltrating the Mantis’ secret lair – Starfield

Starfield Mantis secret Outpost location

As soon as you land you’ll be attacked by Spacers who have overrun the lair. Thankfully they’re not too strong and any half-decent gunman should be able to take them out no problem. Head inside and you’ll be forced through a gauntlet of narrow corridors as you fight even more Spacers.

You need to listen to a pair of audio recordings along the way too. One from Doriane Voclaine, the Mantis, and one from her son Leon, who she had hoped would take up the mantle of the Mantis after her passing – he didn’t seem too keen though.

Mantis password puzzle – Starfield

Starfield Mantis password room

Clear out another large room and you’re faced with a puzzle. On the floor, there are rows of lettered tiles. You must step on the correct tile on each row to progress, or four turrets will tear you to shreds.

While you could just destroy all the turrets and skip the puzzle, that’s no fun, instead, remember the worlds that the Mantis signed off with. “Sic semper tyrannis”, a Latin phrase meaning “thus always to tyrants”. The translation isn’t important though, as you’ve just been told that the password is "TYRANNIS".

Entering the Mantis-Cave – Starfield

Starfield Mantis cave

Once you’ve passed all those trials it’s just a little further until you enter the grand cave of the Mantis itself with two fantastic rewards inside. First is a free ship, as it previously belonged to the Mantis. It’s fast, light, and packs quite the punch. Second is the Mantis’ outfit, which comes with a legendary helmet, spacesuit, and boostpack which give you some brilliant bonuses.

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