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Starfield: how to target engines

How to target engines of enemy ships in Starfield
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Fighting amongst the stars is no easy feat, especially if you’re not actually looking to blow your opponent to pieces. It’s possible to board just about every ship you encounter in Starfield, and doing so could be in your best interest. Not only are you likely to find far more resources inside an intact ship than on an exploded husk, but you can actually steal the ship and add it to your own fleet - who doesn't love free Starfield ships?

Before you can do that though, you need to disable a ship’s engines, which can be tricky to do if you don’t have the right skills. We’ll explain how to target ship engines in Starfield so you can capture an armada. So, you're playing Starfield: how do you target engines

Starfield disable engines

Starfield Target Control System

In order to hit just a ship’s engines, you need to unlock the Target Control Systems perk. It’s a Tier 1 tech perk, meaning you can unlock it from Level 1.

Once you’ve unlocked it, get into a space battle, and at the bottom of your viewpoint circle, you should see a bar going up whenever you have a ship in your sights. When it reaches 100% a button prompt will appear.

Starfield ship targetting

Press it and you’ll enter the refined targeting mode. Time will slow down and you can select which of the ship’s systems you want to target. Select the engines and open fire, the ship’s hull will still go down, but the engines will slowly drain completely. Once the engines are down, you can exit targetting and dock with the ship. You do know how to dock in Starfield, right? 

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