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Steam Stealth Fest 2023: best games to get at a discount

Our recommendations for games to grab during Steam Stealth Fest 2023
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It’s a good thing that the Steam Stealth Fest 2023 isn’t hiding in some ventilation shaft, because some of these discounts are too good to be kept out of view. Stealth Fest is running until July 31, 2023, on PC gaming’s biggest platform, highlighting the best stealth games you can play. Along with some great offers you’ll find a bunch of free demos featured in the event as well, so even if you don’t have the budget for purchases right now there will be plenty of opportunities to sneak around.

No matter whether your fantasy is about being a heroic secret agent, a mysterious ninja, or a stone-hearted and cold-blooded assassin, stealth games offer you the chance to hide in the shadows (or in plain sight), stalk your prey, and go in for the kill at just the right time. Better plan for an escape route beforehand, though.

We’ve chosen some discounted games from Steam Stealth Fest 2023 that are worth grabbing and won’t assassinate your wallet.

Steam Stealth Fest 2023 also offers good discounts on titles from the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry series as well as classics like Thief, the infamous Arkham trilogy, and other gems – even if the amount of stealth gameplay in them is rather low.