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Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is a huge new addition, and with it comes your Street Fighter avatar. Your avatar will represent you while you explore the World Tour mode or while you socialize in the Battle Hub, and you can either make them look just like you, or like some kind of monstrosity. Or anything else you want them to look like, really, it’s up to you.

Avatar proportions will even change their hit and hurt boxes in Avatar Battles, giving specific “shapes” an edge. Whether you just want to intimidate opponents in the Battle Hub or you’re going for a meta build, here’s how you can edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6.

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How to change your avatar in World Tour mode – SF6

street fighter 6 avatar glhf (3)

In World Tour mode you can change your avatar’s appearance at Beat Square.

street fighter 6 avatar glhf (4)

 The shop opposite the cosmetic shop has “Meet The New You” plastered above it, and in here you can change your appearance in exchange for 1,000 Zenny, which is a pretty affordable and reasonable price.

How to change your avatar in the Battle Hub – SF6

street fighter 6 avatar glhf (1)

You can also change your appearance in the Battle Hub’s Body Shop. This requires 50 Drive Tickets, which isn’t expensive, but since Drive Tickets are a fairly limited resource, you might want to avoid using this method.