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All Suicide Squad KTJL Twitch drops and how to get them

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Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are running a series of Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Twitch drops for the first month after the superhero game launches, with free cosmetics for your favorite villains. You can get the Kill the Justice League Twitch Drops without owning the game and store them for whenever you buy it as well, so there’s no rush to splash out immediately if you need to wait.

We've laid out the process for getting your Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Twitch drops and which streamers to check out.

How to get Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Twitch drops

Getting Kill the Justice League’s Twitch cosmetics works pretty much the same as other games with Twitch drops. You first need to link your Warner Bros. games account to your Twitch account – or create one or both, if you don’t have an account yet – and you can create a Warner Bros. account without owning Kill the Justice League.

Warner Bros. made it easy to link both accounts. When you’re signed in to your Warner Bros. and Twitch accounts, click the “connect” button on the Twitch drops overview page.

Once you’re all hooked up, the next step is watching at least 30 minutes of a stream from a creator with the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League drops enabled. Each character has three cosmetic items you can earn, so if you want them all, you’ll need to watch 90 minutes total.

Kill the Justice League's King Shark, outfitted with an ammo belt, raises his right hand (fin?) in greeting

King Shark says "hey, watch some streams."

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Twitch drops streamers

Warner Bros. didn’t actually list any of the streamers they’re partnering with for the promotion, but in general, look for ones that have the “Drops Enabled” tag next to their channel name for any Suicide Squad stream they’re running. You might need to click on the stream to see, as the preview doesn't always list the relevant tags.

A few who are currently running drop streams include:

  • StreamerHouse
  • SheriffEli
  • SolidFPS
  • Triple_G
  • Saltagreppo
  • ProfessorBroman
  • MrLukeH23

StreamerHouse labels theirs LGBTQIA friendly as well, so if you’re looking for a safe place, consider checking them out.

All Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Twitch drops

Warner Bros. is splitting their Twitch drops over four weeks, with a different member of the Suicide Squad taking the spotlight each week.

  • Jan. 30 - Feb. 7 – Harley Quinn
  • Feb. 8 - Feb. 16 – King Shark
  • Feb. 17 - Feb. 25 – Deadshot
  • Feb. 26 - March 4 – Boomerang

Each character gets a trinket, weapon charm, and cyberpunk-themed skin.