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Ready to ascend into the vast emptiness of space, have a possible first look at Playground’s take on Fable, and get a general idea of what Xbox will have in store over the next few months? Well, you better be, because Not-E3 2023 is being kicked into overdrive this week and Microsoft is right in the thick of it, presenting not only an all-new Xbox Games Showcase, but making it a double feature with Starfield Direct immediately afterwards.

It’s been a mixed year so far for Microsoft’s gaming division with surprise hits like Hi-Fi Rush and underwhelming video games like Redfall both coming out on the market. There is also the fact that Microsoft’s proposed Activision Blizzard acquisition is still being fought over with major regulators disagreeing over the approval – it’s high time Microsoft and Xbox put out some positive video game-related news, and this showcase is their best opportunity to do it.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Xbox Games Showcase June 2023 start times and where to watch the event.

Xbox Games Showcase June 2023: start times

The Xbox Games Showcase June 2023 begins on June 11, 2023, at 10am PT. Here’s a breakdown of the start times for all time zones:

  • June 11, 10am PT
  • June 11, 12pm CT
  • June 11, 1pm ET
  • June 11, 6pm BST
  • June 11, 7pm CEST
  • June 11, 22:30pm IST
  • June 12, 1am CST
  • June 12, 2am KST/JST
  • June 12, 3am AEST
  • June 12, 5am NZST

The Xbox Games Showcase will be two hours long and won’t feature any full CG trailers for Microsoft’s first-party titles, according to Xbox’ Aaron Greenberg. Instead, everything shown will be in-game or in-engine footage with cinematic mixed in.

Xbox Games Showcase June 2023: where to watch

You can watch the Xbox Games Showcase on the official Xbox Twitch channel as well as the Xbox YouTube channel.

The Starfield Direct show will begin right after the Xbox Games Showcase has ended, so stay tuned into the channel to catch that as well if you want to learn more about one of 2023’s most anticipated video games.

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