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The final DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 releases in less than 24 hours. The Future Redeemed story is set to cap off the trilogy’s story as a prequel to the third game, featuring Shulk and Rex teaming up. It could be the final thing in the series before developers Monolith Soft move on to other projects, so there’s a lot of hype surrounding it.

There is confusion surrounding when the DLC will be available to play though, as Nintendo of America is advertising April 25 as the release date, while Nintendo of Europe and Japan are advertising April 26. We’ll break it down by time zone to explain the Xenoblade 3 Wave 4 DLC release times.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed DLC release time

Shulk and Rex are teaming up in Xenoblade 3 Future Redeeemed

Shulk and Rex are teaming up in Xenoblade 3 Future Redeeemed

Here are the launch times in each time zone. These aren’t officially confirmed, but based on the release times of previous DLCs for Xenoblade 3:

April 25:

  • 6pm PDT
  • 7pm CDT
  • 8pm EDT

April 26:

  • 2am BST
  • 3am CEST
  • 6:30am IST
  • 10am JST
  • 11am AEST

If you live in the US then you should be able to start playing on Tuesday evening, especially if you have already pre-loaded the DLC, which you can do right now. As for Europe and the rest of the world, the game will be ready to play when you wake up in the morning on Wednesday, so be prepared.