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Princess Zelda being missing is one of the main mysteries of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but when doing your rounds for the Lucky Clover Gazette, you’ll hear a rumor that she’s been captured and stored somewhere nearby – who knew your adventure would be so easy?

We’ll tell you how to complete the Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! Quest.

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Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! solution – Zelda TOTK

Zelda TOTK Princess Zelda Kidnapped location

You can start the quest at the Duelling Peaks Stable, where you’ll find Penn atop the stable. He’ll tell you that Zelda is reportedly being held captive by the Yiga Clan nearby.

You’ll be given a short riddle to solve, and the solution is to climb all the way up the nearby mountain – the one that looks like it’s been sliced in half. On the southern peak, there is a crevasse between the two highest points, and you’ll find Zelda trapped in a cage there.

Use Ultrahand to lift the cage. Princess Zelda will be free, all is well in the world and the credits ro– oh no wait, it’s just a Yiga Clan trap. You’ll be attacked by three members of the Yiga Clan. Defeat them and return to Penn to get your reward.-