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From the moment Nintendo revealed the extent of player-driven creativity that was going to be possible in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it was clear that this sandbox would give birth to a nearly infinite number of creations from humble boats to Da Vinci-approved flying machines.

Hardly anyone could’ve predicted that the actual level of possible customization and construction would blow those ideas out of the water with ease: literal rockets, lethal chariots, and giant mechs with flamethrower-wangs are just some of the more exotic creations made by players so far.

Frankly, it’s only a matter of time before someone finds a way of running Doom inside the game.

Behold the range of ingenuity, madness, passion, and cruelty that went into the design of the wildest Zelda Tears of the Kingdom creations.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: wildest creations

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Multi-Stage Rocket.
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Trojan Horse.
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Bomber.

You know what would make playing this game a lot easier? A Death Star. That makes everything easier, to be honest. Even Himeko couldn’t compete with this user’s orbital laser cannon raining death and destruction down on this poor three-headed dragon. Where’s your air superiority now?

Twitter user Liz created an all-terrain vehicle with only a single Zonai device that can traverse pretty much all of Hyrule with ease and would certainly have Da Vinci’s approval as well.

Tears of the Kingdom lets you express even your most childish desires. Let’s be honest, this had to be made. It even has two round dangly bits, it’s ridiculous.

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