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Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test: How to sign up

Another opportunity to try out HoYoverse’s next game
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HoYoverse announced another round of closed testing for Zenless Zone Zero, its urban fantasy action RPG, for which players can now sign up.

The so-called Amplifying Test will introduce “significant changes” to the combat and exploration systems as well as showcase a brand-new character called Zhu Yuan. An array of features not seen in any previous tests will be available as well, such as the Shiyu Defense combat challenge and Bangboo chain attacks.

Zhu Yuan is the first representative for a new faction in the game, the New Eridu Public Security Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. It looks like she’s the outfit’s admired captain.

Zenless Zone Zero artwork of Zhu Yuan.

Zhu Yuan is Zenless Zone Zero's latest character.

In the Amplifying Test, HoYoverse seems to address the most divisive of Zenless Zone Zero’s features – the Hollow Board. Hollow Exploration will be “more efficient” in the coming test, the developer promised, thanks to some “extensive” optimization. On top of that, HoYoverse has added ways for players to get to combat-oriented content without having to engage with the exploration as much in the form of new combat challenges.

Finally, combat design seems to have been refined even more and been made “more dynamic” for both newcomers and experienced players.

The Amplifying Test will be available on PC, iOS, and Android. A closed beta test on PS5 has been confirmed for a later date.

Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test: How to participate

You can sign up to the Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test by visiting the official website and clicking the “Sign Up” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Keep in mind that this doesn’t guarantee your participation – it’s up to HoYoverse to decide on who gets to take part.

However, you can also take part in a lottery event elsewhere on the official website. If you’re lucky, you can already lock in your participation in the Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test by drawing the jackpot.

Zenless Zone Zero Amplifying Test artwork.

It's another round of testing for Zenless Zone Zero.

In addition, pre-registration for the game is open and promises rewards to players once the game has been fully launched. Hitting the final milestone would bring players 20 pulls on the game’s gacha banners on top of some other materials.

Both the Amplifying Test's start date and general release date are still forthcoming, though HoYoverse stated that it expects the game to come out in 2024.