Zenless Zone Zero: best Bangboo to select from the banner

Spend your Boopons wisely

Contrasting HoYoverse’s previous games, players can not only pull for all Zenless Zone Zero Agents and W-Engines – including their signature W-Engines with special visual effects – on banners. A third banner type with its own currency, Boopons, allows users to pull for Bangboo, which can supplement their combat teams with their active and passive abilities.

What’s great about this banner type is that it enables players to select a S-Rank Bangboo that will be guaranteed to appear once they’ve made a certain number of pulls. Of course, that begs the question: Which Bangboo should you select as your guaranteed pull in Zenless Zone Zero?

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer, because it very much depends on which Agents you already have on your roster and what kind of team compositions you plan on using. This means that no one can really give you an objective answer to that question, but we can at least take you through the line-up and speak about each Bangboo’s advantages.

Best Bangboo to select in Zenless Zone Zero


Resonaboo is currently one of the strongest Bangboo in general, since a lot of the enemies in the game are weak to Ether Damage, but Nicole is the only Agent of that type until Zhu Yuan is released in the latter half of version 1.0. Speaking of Nicole: Resonaboo works kind of like a mini-Nicole as it can summon black holes that suck in enemies, stacking them on top of each other for some juicy attacks from your characters. This crowd control functionality on top of good Ether Anomaly Buildup makes Resonaboo a very strong pick for everyone.


Sharkboo is the strongest Bangboo if you’re pulling for Ellen and want to use Ice teams. Its active ability allows it to plant traps around enemies, which deal Ice Damage and – most importantly – help with Ice Anomaly Buildup. This synergizes greatly with Ellen’s kit, since she’s guaranteed to trigger Shatter against Frozen enemies, dealing additional damage to them. On a team with two or more Ice Agents, using Sharkboo’s Chain Attack allows you to inflict even more Ice Anomaly Buildup.

Plugboo, Rocketboo, and Bangvolver

Plugboo, Rocketboo, and Bangvolver function similarly to Resonaboo and Sharkboo, providing Electric, Fire, and Physical Damage as well as Anomaly Buildup – if you plan on using any of these attributes more heavily than the others, getting the corresponding Bangboo is a good call.

Bangvolver is a little weaker than the others as it has a chance to misfire, essentially making it more unreliable in terms of damage and Anomaly Buildup.


Butler’s ability to create a snack that regenerates Energy can come in very handy – in general, you’ll want to use your EX Special Attacks as often as possible, so you can’t ever have enough Energy. However, your characters first have to pick the snack up from where it’s been cooked to benefit from the buff, which can sometimes be very inconvenient – running around not doing anything is not great in a game in which combat challenges generally run against the clock.

Amillion and Safety

Amillion and Safety – the signature Bangboo of the Cunning Hares and Belobog Heavy Industries respectively – are more focused on dealing pure Physical Damage than on providing Anomaly Buildup. While additional damage is always welcome, triggering more anomalies is better, as many characters have some synergy with these in their kits. Activating these generally deals more damage than a Bangboo.

Consider Bangboo as no more than little helpers that are on the field to help your Agents maximize their DPS – they are not here to act as your team’s main source of damage. Thus, abilities that provide utility in some way are generally to be preferred to pure damage.

Marco Wutz


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