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Activision sues Anthony Fantano after legal threats over pizza sound clip

They just can’t get enough lawsuits
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Activision has filed a lawsuit against YouTuber and TikToker Anthony Fantano, as spotted by VGC. The company has used a sound clip from one of Fantano’s TikTok videos, which had previously gone viral, in a recent post promoting some Crash Bandicoot sneakers. Fantano contacted the company afterwards, telling it to remove the video and asking for a settlement.

Activision took down the video out of caution, but denied any wrongdoing. The filed documents state that Fantano then contacted the developer again, saying that removing the video wasn’t enough – he was apparently preparing a lawsuit against the company.

A day afterwards the internet celebrity’s lawyer told Activision that Fantano demanded “a six-figure sum” from them to settle – according to the documents this is not the first time Fantano demanded money from companies in this way.

Activision argues that Fantano has no legal case, because TikTok’s terms of service states that any upload by a user automatically grants third parties the right to use and modify any content found on the platform for their own TikTok content. The company further states that it found the sound clip in question on a list of content that TikTok itself had marked as safe to use for any commercial purpose.

Hence, Activision has brought a lawsuit that essentially has the purpose of forcing a court to say that the company did nothing wrong and that Fantano doesn’t have a cause for suing it.

It’s a bit ridiculous, but it might become an interesting precedent for future cases like this. From what it sounds like Fantano has been pressing six-figure payments from various companies by threatening to sue them and Activision is not willing to play his game. Perhaps Fantano should have seen that he got enough slices and stopped at some point.