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Aydan, a popular Warzone streamer on Twitch, has been suspended from the platform until December 19. 

The week-long ban came because the streamer posted what the platform described as "sexually explicit content". 

"Hey, guys. I just wanted to let you know I've been suspended from Twitch for 7 days for "sexually explicit conduct"," the streamer said at the time "Not sure what the game plan is, but I just wanted to be transparent with you guys and keep you updated. Hope to see you soon." 

Since then, Aydan has reached out to Twitch for more context and it turns out the ban was for "humping" his chair and "moaning". Here's his tweet clarifying that: 

It isn't the first time people have been banned for sexual acts on Twitch, but this is perhaps the tamest among them. 

You'll be able to catch up with Aydan when he returns to Twitch on December 19. 

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