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Bing Bong the imp is now canon in Baldur’s Gate III’s new epilogue

Fan-favorite "little devil baby" is now canon in BG3, and yes, Shadowheart is delighted

Fan-favorite character Bing Bong the imp is now officially canon thanks to new dialogue from Shadowheart added in Baldur’s Gate III Patch 5.

If you’ve been ploughing through the game and haven’t had the time to check in with the fanbase you might be wondering who, or what, Bing Bong actually is, as it’s not a character you actually meet in the game.

Bing Bong is a small red imp – described as a “little devil baby” – that the cast of Baldur’s Gate III encounters during a Dungeons & Dragons session of their own on the Higher Rollers DnD YouTube channel.

Shadowheart’s voice actor Jennifer English fell in love with Bing Bong, and so did the fans, with dozens of animations and fan art of Shadowheart and Bing Bong lighting up Larian’s Twitter feed.

Baldur’s Gate III Patch 5 launched recently and added a new Epilogue to the game, and if you still have Shadowheart in the party you’ll get some brand-new dialogue with her. She’ll recall the adventures you’ve had, before mentioning a stray imp joining the party, saying “Bing Bong, wasn’t it?”

Fans were previously – somewhat jokingly – asking for Bing Bong to be added to the game proper, and with Patch 5, Bing Bong is officially in the Baldur’s Gate III canon. Finally, a fan-favorite has made its way into the game.