Batman: Arkham Shadow VR is a proper Arkham game, Camouflaj says

Featuring a new villain and a Harley Quinn origin story
Camouflaj/Oculus Studios

Camouflaj and Oculus Studios shared more about the upcoming Batman Arkham Shadow VR game in a new trailer during Summer Game Fest 2024, including what to expect from the superhero game's story, which is canon to the Arkham-verse. The trailer teases Arkham Shadow's story, but most of the juicy info is from a new blog post.

Batman: Arkham Shadow takes place between Arkham Origins and Arkham Asylum and starts on July 4 with the Rat King, who’s actually Otis the Ratcatcher the other Arkham games vaguely allude to. Anyway, he’s not a nice guy. The Rat King kidnaps commissioner Jim Gordan and district attorney Harvey Dent, among other public officials, and threatens to execute them for crimes against the people on the Day of Wrath.

Camouflaj also said Arkham Shadow serves as an origin story for Scarecrow and Harley Quinn, though we didn’t see them in the new trailer.

Chaos swallows Gotham City, the Rat King’s cult followers are looting and pillaging and burning, and into the mix steps you, as Batman. Camouflaj promises an authentic Arkham experience that plays like Rocksteady’s games, with the sole difference being the first-person perspective and how that changes the way you behave. You’ll use Batman’s grapple tool to soar through the air, grab his cape to glide and even bamboozle enemies, hurl Batarangs and smokebombs, and do all the other freeform combat moves that characterized the Arkham trilogy.

Camouflaj also adapted the trilogy’s approach to puzzles and stealth, so it sounds like their promise of Arkham Shadow being a true-blue Arkham game is more than just words.

Batman: Arkham Shadow VR launches for Meta Quest 3 sometime in fall 2024.

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Josh Broadwell