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Bellwright gets December 2023 release date, combines Mount & Blade with Medieval Dynasty

Donkey Crew’s medieval life sim is set for Early Access launch
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Medieval life sim game Bellwright will get its Early Access release in December 2023 for PC and will be launched on consoles in 2024. Developed by Donkey Crew and published by Snail, this open-world game, which can be played solo or in co-op multiplayer, combines elements of titles like Mount & Blade and Medieval Dynasty into something new.

You can catch a slice of gameplay in this newly released trailer:

Falsely blamed and exiled for murdering your king, you’re starting all alone in the wilderness and must found a settlement to ensure your own survival – and start on planning your revenge: a full rebellion against the royal family. Grow your village and protect it from the attacks of bandits and other forces out there. When you’ve got a big enough army yourself, you can go on the offensive and take down fortresses, expanding the reach of your revolt. As you forge alliances with others and discover secrets that advance your technology, a final showdown with the sovereign looms.

I actually got to see Bellwright in action at gamescom 2023 earlier this year and was impressed by what the developers have shown off there: Each villager’s life is fully simulated, so you could just sit there and accompany them as they go about their daily business, which depends on the job they’ve got in your town. You can fully customize your own and your troops’ equipment, fully controlling their formation and tactics during combat. Naturally, you can jump into the action by yourself as well, hacking, slashing, and shooting arrows at foes from a third-person perspective.

If you like the vibes of Medieval Dynasty, but need a little more violence and intrigue in your game, then Bellwright definitely looks like something to keep your eyes on.