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Baldur’s Gate 3 update letting players change their characters’ looks is in the works

The much-requested feature is ‘being cooked’ by Larian right now

Baldur’s Gate 3 had a great launch week, topping Steam’s charts as the best-selling game and amassing more than 800,000 concurrent players at peak hours. Ever since BG3’s full release, fans have been requesting one addition to the game - the option to change their character’s appearance during the campaign.

The game’s character creator is packed with options for body type, facial features, hair color and style, tattoos and scars, and many more details, down to the type and appearance of your nether regions. 

Baldur's Gate 3 character creator

Baldur's Gate 3 has a robust character creator, but once you're done with it, your appearance is locked for the campaign.

Yet, once you’ve spent more than an hour making all those crucial choices and crafted the best (or worst) version of yourself, you’re stuck with your creation for the rest of a massive 100-hour campaign, so many fans have been asking for the option to change their character’s looks mid-game.

One Twitter user by the name of Titan stated their grievances directly to Larian Studios director of publishing Michael Douse and were lucky enough to get a reply, confirming that such feature is in the works.

Douse’s response, “Things are being cooked,” is intentionally vague, so we don’t know when and how the option to change your character’s appearance will be implemented in BG3. It could be just an in-game menu, although it would be too uncharacteristic for an immersive RPG like Baldur’s Gate 3 to let you transform at will without a story or gameplay explanation.

We also know nothing about the scope of such feature, whether you’ll be able to change every aspect of your body or just make some limited changes to hair color, hairstyle, and piercings, for example. It is also unclear if this would include the ability to transmogrify clothes and weapons to match a certain style or not.

It would be interesting to see it tied to specific NPCs in cities - existing ones or new - like barbers, surgeons, or mystics, that would overhaul your looks with a bit of magic or just style your hair, maybe for a small fee. If Larian go for the more immersive in-game optoon, it is not clear whether these changes would be unlimited or if they will cost you and your party some in-game gold. Only time will tell how exactly the feature will be added to the game and with what scope.