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Randy Pitchford dreams of a Borderlands cinematic universe

Maybe wait for the debut movie first?

We only just saw the first Borderlands movie trailer, but Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford is already envisioning a Borderlands cinematic universe. Pitchford made the comments in a recent interview with IGN, where he said the first Borderlands movie adaptation gives Gearbox a chance to explore ideas and characters that get left behind in the games.

“So this isn't Borderlands 1. This isn't Borderlands 2,” Pitchford said. “The Borderlands movie is the first of the Borderlands Cinematic Universe and you'll see some characters from some of the different parts of what you might know from the video games. But it also gives us an opportunity to get deeper and expand a little bit. You never met the CEO of the Atlas Corporation and you will meet that character for the first time in the Borderlands movie.”

What ideas Gearbox has in store for that universe and whether their existence hinges on the first movie's success, Pitchford didn't say. However, he did mention the opportunity to turn Gearbox’s digital world into something physical – well, minus the CGI work – was exciting for everyone involved.

“We live only in a digital world at Gearbox, so it's pretty amazing to see stuff manifested,” Pitchford said. “So on the set, it's so impactful to me and so meaningful and emotional for me and the team.”

He said he felt such a strong connection to the set, props, and even costumes that he asked Lionsgate whether he could take them and keep them in storage.

What he’s most excited for, alongside the movie’s comedy, is the chance to delve into themes and ideas that often get overlooked in the Borderlands games.

“We deal with some serious stuff and there's real human emotions and it's a story about the family you make instead of the family you're born with, and dealing with loyalty and allegiances and real stuff,” Pitchford said. “There's real stuff in here.”

The Borderlands movie releases in theaters sometime in fall 2024.