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If the Xbox acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through, Microsoft vows to put Call of Duty games on Nintendo consoles for the next ten years. 

"Microsoft is committed to helping bring more games to more people – however they choose to play," Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a tweet. 

Microsoft's president also chimed in, saying that Xbox would be willing to offer similar terms to PlayStation if the company was open to discussion. Xbox has previously said that PlayStation was offered a ten-year Call of Duty deal

Xbox and PlayStation are currently locked in a battle over the acquisition, with Sony arguing that owning Call of Duty would give Microsoft market dominance. There are other FPS games out there, of course, but Sony says games like Battlefield can't keep up with Call of Duty

Microsoft argues that Nintendo and PlayStation are the current market leaders, and the acquisition would help to close that gap. Microsoft also argued that many PS5 exclusives are better than Xbox exclusives

What form Call of Duty would take on Nintendo's consoles is anyone's guess. While the mainline games are likely too technically complex to pull off on Nintendo Switch, we could perhaps see a pared-down version of each game. 

Another option is a port of Call of Duty Mobile. Or, perhaps the deal hints at an updated Nintendo Switch model coming at some point down the line. 

Elsewhere in the battle, Microsoft seemingly hinted at the GTA 6 release date