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We've all heard of dogs eating homework, but the developer behind the brilliant indie FPS game, Dusk, claims his cat put his new title on Steam. 

Chop Goblins, a bite-sized retro shooter, is out now. 

Originally, the developer said they planned to launch it in early 2023. Unless this is a clever bit of marketing - and let's be honest, it probably is - we've got a cat called Zamboni to thank for the early release. 

Listen, I know you're not here for the game, so here's a photo of the cat. 

What a magnificent creature. 

Described as a "microshooter", Chop Goblins is designed to be played to completion in about 30 minutes. 

"You thought it would be fun to break into a nearby museum and root through the artifacts stored there," reads the description on the Chop Goblins Steam page. "Little did you know that a dusty chest in the basement imprisoned the evil CHOP GOBLINS.

"Now they're loose, wrecking [sic] bladed havok [sic] on the world once again. It's up to you to chase them through the city and across space and time, in a bespoke FPS campaign spanning the modern day, 1800's Transylvania, ancient Greece, and the not too distant future."

There's something kind of Timesplitters about it, and it's yours for the price of a pint. Check out our list of the best FPS games for more.