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One Military Camp dev announces Roman city-builder Citadelum

With a heavy dose of mythology
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It’s going to be a good year for fans of games with Ancient Rome: We’re already expecting Nova Roma, a Roman city-builder from the makers of Kingdoms and Castles, to launch in 2024 and it looks like another indie title with this subject is going to join it with newly announced Citadelum.

Developed and published by Abylight, the company behind base-building management game One Military Camp, Citadelum is a Roman city-builder with some hefty mythological elements – and by that I mean the gods visiting your city in person, dishing out divine rewards or punishment depending on what you’ve been up to. Remember, the Graeco-Roman pantheon wasn’t exactly free of faults, so a jealous deity with a short temper may cause you some problems from time to time.

Screenshot from Citadelum showing a Roman town visited by a large goddess.

Looks like this deity is personally overseeing a little district development project.

“Interaction with deities allows a non linear, replayable narrative, full of mythical encounters. Prepare to be amazed when they come down to earth and help you, or tremble with fear if they punish your people,” the official description says.

Aside from building your town, establishing production chains, and ensuring good water supply through the use of aqueducts, you’ll need to engage in the activity the Romans were best at: war. Citadelum has some strategy and tactics elements, challenging you to defend against barbarian raids and liberate other cities in the game’s auto-battle system.

Once you’ve established control of nearby areas, you can create a network of trade routes and import exotic goods. Sending out explorers into the world will yield mythological relics with some juicy bonuses for your city, though the senate back in Rome may want to call dibs on them and give you other rewards instead.

Citadelum is set for a 2024 release on PC and can now be wishlisted on Steam.