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California State University, Fullerton, (CSUF) has at least one very passionate Nintendo fan enrolled, as a curious incident from February 8, 2023, has shown. Campus police released a statement on Twitter, saying that a professor had received “a perceived vague threat to campus” via email. According to police, this message “referenced a once-in-a-lifetime event” and urged the professor to “cancel class for the good of humanity.”

Despite the vague nature of the message, police had to get involved and investigate the case to ensure that campus life could go on safely. Detectives finally made a breakthrough with their investigation after hours of work: the date and time of the event mentioned by the alleged student coincided with February 8’s Nintendo Direct show – this person apparently did not want to miss the livestream, but also didn’t have the resolve to just skip class.

That said, this particular Nintendo Direct was indeed one to remember: Pikmin 4 finally got a release date, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games are coming to Switch Online, Metroid Prime Remastered was announced and immediately released, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom got a new trailer, the Advance Wars remakes are confirmed to come out in April, and a brand-new Professor Layton game is in development.

The individual later sent another message to their professor, admitting that it was all “a bad joke”. Still, campus police will show some additional presence on February 9, 2023, to be prepared for any unusual occurrences.

“We understand that a threat of any kind, real or not, causes many to fear for their safety. Please know we will do all we can to ensure the safety of our campus community”, the statement ends.

The person behind the message has not been identified so far.