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Cult of the Lamb may go full Slaanesh with the free Sins of the Flesh update

Wait a second, in which direction is this going?
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Sins of the Flesh is a “major content update” coming to Cult of the Lamb for free in early 2024, developer Massive Monster has announced. There is not much detail about this patch yet, but the studio wrote the following about it on social media: “The team has been working incredibly hard on this update. We have added so much content people have been asking for since release!”

Massive Monster also stated that it spread hints towards the update’s contents over this past year and that it will post more concrete information over the coming weeks. Fans, meanwhile, are having fun with the update’s name, which can easily be interpreted to hint at more carnal contents – especially since the artwork for the patch features cultists wearing nothing but a leaf covering their more intimate parts in terms of clothing.

Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh update artwork showing furry cultists dancing around a fire.

Cult of the Lamb seems to be... going places.

So, uh, are we going full Slaanesh with this one or what? Just kidding, not even Slaanesh would touch furries with a ten-foot pole.

Cult of the Lamb launched in August 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. It’s a roguelike game combining the combat from Hades with some elements from the base-building genre, as players not only have to cut their way through dungeons, but need to manage their very own cult in the meantime as well. Published by Devolver Digital, the game has a humorous tone and very pretty cartoon graphics.

The Relics of the Old Faith update for the game was released earlier this year and added a new post-game storyline as well as expanded combat and cult management mechanics and content for these areas. Players can expect Sins of the Flesh to be an equally substantial update. It was originally planned to launch in 2023 as well, but it looks like the developers needed a bit longer to complete it than they initially expected – or perhaps they stuffed it with some extra goodies.

Sins of the Flesh is coming to Cult of the Lamb in “very early” 2024.