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The upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 DLC Phantom Liberty is reportedly CD Projekt RED’s biggest expansion yet, at least in terms of budget. CDPR investor relations spokesperson Marek Bugdoł told Polish site Parkiet that the project costs more than any expansion the studio has developed, though Bugdoł didn’t mention exactly what the budget was (thanks, GamesRadar).

The interview originally made it unclear whether Bugdoł meant “biggest DLC” in scope or budget, but CDPR’s global community director Marcin Momot clarified on Reddit that Bugdoł meant budget.

The news is perhaps unsurprising, considering the base game reportedly cost over $300 million to make, a substantial step up from The Witcher 3’s more modest budget of $80 million. Its Blood and Wine story expansion added a new campaign that lasts roughly 20 hours.

Whether the high cost equates to a similarly expansive expansion remains unclear for now. as the team is keeping details about Phantom Liberty under wraps. Momot said the team will share information about Phantom Liberty’s scope at a later date.

So far, we only know that Idris Elba voices a leading character and that V will infiltrate a new part of Night City to help bring a tyrannical organization down from the inside in a very spy thriller-y turn of events.