Every 2024 Dead by Daylight anniversary announcement

Dungeons and dragons and free games, oh my!
Behaviour Interactive

The 2024 Dead by Daylight anniversary stream has come and gone, and it leaves behind a stream of new announcements for the horror game franchise. The popular multiplayer game has amassed over 60 million players across PC and console since it launched in 2016, and Behaviour said the recent All Things Wicked chapter was Dead by Daylight’s most popular original chapter to date.

There’s a lot more in store for DbD’s ninth year, including six new chapters – two of which are survivor-only – a new original chapter, survivor, and killer at the end of 2024; and a new licensed killer and original survivor to cap off the anniversary year.

Behaviour was quiet about what or who any of these might be, but they did have plenty to say about what else is coming to Dead by Daylight in 2024.

What the Fog

What the Fog's protagonist standing near a tower
Cute and DbD? It's more likely than you think / Behaviour Interactive

Behaviour kicked things off with a surprise free game drop. What the Fog is a co-op game that swaps DbD’s dark look for something a bit cuter and more lighthearted. It’s pretty neat, and you only need a Behaviour account to claim it.

Dead by Daylight DnD chapter

Dead by Daylight’s next chapter is an ambitious DnD crossover, complete with bardic survivors, a very evil villain, new abilities, and a pretty slick new map. Check out our DbD DnD coverage for more info.

Dead by Daylight 2v8 mode

Behaviour heard what the people wanted and is delivering in a big way. Dead by Daylight’s 2v8 mode aims to shake up how you approach survival and strategy, and it sounds promising so far.

Dead by Daylight Project T

A totem in Dead by Daylight Project T
Looks safe and totally not deadly at all / Behaviour Interactive/Midwinter

Another year, another tiny Project T update, but Behaviour promises more updates in the future – before the next anniversary stream. Meanwhile, you can sign up to play Project T when it’s ready for testing.

The Casting of Frank Stone

Frank Stone got another mention with a small handful of information about what to expect. It definitely sounds like a Supermassive game, but we’re not complaining. Check out more in our Frank Stone roundup.

Dead by Daylight Castlevania crossover

Behaviour gave just the slimmest of teases about this additional collaboration. Castlevania will show up in Dead by Daylight sometime later in summer 2024. Which Belmont leads the charge and what whip-cracking perks they bring with them through the fog remains a mystery. The team promised more info on August 6, 2024.

Josh Broadwell