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An alleged Dragon Age Dreadwolf leak shows some of the highly anticipated sequel’s combat, which is reportedly inspired by 2018’s God of War. The RPG series’ notoriously wonky hairstyles are allegedly replaced with decent style as well.

The leak comes from Reddit user Revanchisto, who says their friend is a playtester at BioWare and shared the footage and some additional information about the game with them.

Revanchisto doesn’t have a history of posting leaks and says they only did it this time in response to something someone else said. While it’s always best to treat any alleged leaks with suspicion, some elements of the user interface do seem to share similarities with Dragon Age: Inquisition – though that doesn’t mean they can’t be faked.

Whatever the case, Revanchisto says their friend told them God of War was the “guiding reference point” and that the new Dragon Age game is a hack ‘n slash, with no turn-based elements and seemingly no option to control your party members. The footage has since been removed from Reddit, but what we saw does resemble God of War’s fast-paced, slightly theatrical action combat.

The leaker says Dreadwolf finally fixes Dragon Age’s infamous bad hair and receding hairlines, a reveal that seemed to resonate with Dragon Age Reddit more than the combat tease and footage. More than two dozen comments completely ignored the combat and made hair jokes of some description instead.

BioWare announced late in 2022 that the team had finished a complete, playable alpha version of the game, though the developer has released no footage or screenshots of the game since first announcing it.