Dredge DLC release date announced at Summer 2024 Future Games Show

Iron Rig, featuring mad scientists and lots of squirming body parts
Black Salt

Black Salt announced the Dredge DLC release date during summer 2024’s Future Games Show, along with a trailer for the hit indie game’s expansion. Dredge: The Iron Rig launches on Aug. 15, 2024, and Black Salt said it’s coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox simultaneously.

Dredge: The Iron Rig takes place in new waters, following a shipwreck that involved cargo from the Ironhaven company. That cargo is in the sea now, and it’s doing some pretty unspeakable things to the local wildlife. Your job, apparently, is to gather up all the mutated fish and whatever else is in the waters and bring their twitching, squirming masses back to Ironhaven.

The Dredge DLC shows a very mad-scientist-coded character doing weird experiments on the fleshy blobs you fished out, filling up test tubes, and then letting loose with a very sinister laugh at the end as a red glow lights up his eyes and the screen fades to black.

It seems like a pretty focused narrative, which is a bit surprising given how open-ended the base game of Dredge is, though maybe it'll tie into the upcoming Dredge movie somehow.

Black Salt promised at least two dozen new fish and aberrations, a building construction system, and some kind of fuel you’ll have to gather to keep Ironhaven’s iron rig going.

Dredge was one of our favorite games of 2023, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Josh Broadwell