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Dynasty of the Sands has been announced as the next game by Rocket Flair Studios, the team from Northern Ireland behind underwater city-builder Surviving the Abyss. This city-builder set in ancient Egypt is the first game to be signed by PlaySide Publishing, a newly formed division of the similarly named Australian development studio.

At first glance, Dynasty of the Sands looks like someone took Banished and cult-classic Pharaoh and had them make a baby – which is a pretty promising premise. Planned to launch in 2024 on PC, the title is described as “an ancient Egypt-inspired creative/survival city-builder hybrid set in a stunning open world.”

Players will need to adapt to and deal with the changing seasons, a day/night cycle, weather, wildlife, and disease. They’ll have to pay attention to their villagers’ individual desires and hopes as well – and there are the gods to consider, because Dynasty of the Sands has a bit of a fantasy twist. In the game, the gods are just as real as people back then thought they were, so you’ll have to keep Osiris, Ra, Set, and the rest of the gang happy if you don’t want to risk their wrath. This, apparently, includes human sacrifice in times of crisis.

From laws and mandates to technological research and exploration, players will have a lot on their plate in Dynasty of the Sands to make their city flourish. Still, the game is described as a “relaxing” title, so don’t expect to get sweaty while managing all those different aspects.

It’s possible to put Dynasty of the Sands on your Steam Wishlist now, Early Access is planned to start sometime in 2024.