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Next Deus Ex game seemingly canceled as Eidos Montreal is affected by layoffs

Part of the ongoing Embracer Group cuts
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Eidos Montreal, which is part of the Embracer Group, is eliminating 97 jobs from its development, administration, and support teams. In addition, Bloomberg reported that it has canceled its development of an upcoming, as yet unannounced Deus Ex game that was supposed to go into full production later this year.

“For the last 17 years, our teams at Eidos have worked on some of the most beloved brands in the industry, combining deep storytelling and innovation into unique games. We have created memorable multi-awarded experiences that we are proud of and we know our teams’ members have put their heart and soul in all of them,” the company stated. “The global economic context, the challenges of our industry and the comprehensive restructuring announced by Embracer have finally impacted our studio.”

Adam Jensen stares at the camera, backed by a wall full of monitors, in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Deus Ex's comeback seems to have been cut short.

“We are working to support all impacted personnel through this transition. These very talented, highly experienced people are entering the employment market, and we want them to find their next projects and are helping to do so. As we navigate these difficult times, the well-being of our team is our priority and the continuous commitment to creating games that players will be able to enjoy,” the statement continued.

It concluded with words of gratitude towards all players of the studio’s games and a vow to keep “making the best games for our amazing fans” and “deliver those awesome experiences for us to share together” despite the restructuring.

Eidos is only the latest victim of Embracer’s massive cost-cutting initiative, which officially cost over 900 people in the industry their jobs last year by the company’s own reports.

2024 already saw layoffs at Gearbox-owned support studio Lost Boys Interactive. Most recently, German studio Piranha Bytes – the developer of cult classics like Gothic – saw itself engulfed by closure rumors and admitted that it was looking for a buyer, as THQ Nordic seemingly doesn’t want to continue funding it. Both THQ Nordic and Gearbox are part of the Embracer Group.