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Elsie is an upcoming roguelike action platformer in which you must steer the titular android and her colleague Andru through an ever-evolving bullet hell – and make it to end in one piece. That goal is made much easier by the game’s parrying feature, which allows the two characters to defend against melee attacks as well as slice incoming missiles in half. Successfully parrying incoming attacks restores stamina, of which you can never have enough, and enables you to unleash quick and deadly counterattacks.

Elsie’s newest gameplay trailer, shown off during Summer Game Fest 2023, highlights this core mechanic of the game and also dives into the roguelike’s story:

Playing as Elsie, your mission is to save the planet Ekis from a corruption that seems to have something to do with the planet’s traditional guardians going missing. Starting out from Sapir Wharf, your safe haven and hub area, you need to traverse a variety of different biomes to solve the mystery of the missing guardians. Being a roguelike, these environments change from run to run to present you with new challenges.

Elsie is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch, though there is no release date as of yet. You can, however, play the free demo on Steam to get a taste of what’s expecting you in this run and gun adventure.

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