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The Epic Games Store has introduced a new rewards system that gives players a percentage of their purchase back to use towards future purchases. The system, named Epic Rewards, is active now, and will give players 5% of their purchase back, and requires no sign-up or buy-in.

If that’s sounding familiar, that’s because it’s pretty much identical to the Gold Points system implemented on the Nintendo Switch. When buying digitally, Switch games give you 5% of your purchase back as Gold Points, which you can then use to create your own discounts on future purchases. Physical purchases on Switch can also attract cashback, though they only give 1% of the purchase cost back in points, rather than the full 5%.

To earn Epic Rewards credit, all you have to do is purchase a game, DLC, or subscription, and 5% of the purchase cost will be refunded into a separate rewards wallet. Then, when buying products in the future, you can use your rewards balance to reduce the price of the purchase, up to the entire price of the purchase, meaning you could theoretically get full-priced games entirely for free — if you buy enough from the store.

There are a few caveats to Epic Rewards, though. The first is that it’ll take two weeks following the purchase for the rewards to enter your wallet, likely due to Epic’s refund system. Players unsatisfied with a purchase can get an automatic refund on any product, provided they have owned the game for 14 days or less, and have played it for 2 hours or less.

Despite earning rewards on subscriptions, you unfortunately won’t be able to use your rewards to pay for subscriptions, which includes subscriptions like Fortnite Crew. Just about everything else is eligible though, no matter how much the game costs and who published it.

The new rewards program comes alongside the Epic Games Store Mega Sale, which will see savings of up to 75% off a number of titles. There will also be four free games given away, the first one being Death Stranding, which is available for the next week. Death Stranding was previously given away during the Epic holiday sale, a giveaway so popular it crashed the servers.