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Everywhere announces closed alpha test alongside reveal trailer

Build A Rocket Boy’s take on Fortnite and Roblox
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Build A Rocket Boy has published a reveal trailer for Everywhere, the indie studio’s own take on Fortnite and Roblox. Like these two juggernauts, Everywhere is as much a creation tool as it is a video game. “We believe in a future where game creation is put in the hands of players,” said game director Leslie Benzies in a statement. “With Everywhere, we aim to empower anyone to innovate, take risks and build their own worlds, shaped purely by their imagination. We are providing the tools, inspiration and infrastructure and are excited to see how our community will foster the next generation of developers to help grow the Everywhere story.”

You can watch the trailer below:

Benzies, of course, is no stranger to big sandbox projects, having led the development of Grand Theft Auto 3, 4 and 5 at Rockstar Games, including the ever popular GTA Online. Visually, it’s not possible to not be reminded of Fortnite when watching Everywhere in motion, and in terms of its goals the game certainly sounds like it as well. It’s supposed to offer players access to almost infinite activities as well as ways of creating their own. This is possible thanks to the Arcadia tool, a free set of creation tools to make entire worlds with – without the need to code a single line.

Sounds like a paradise for would-be game developers, eh?

“With gaming at the heart of Everywhere, competition can be found in iconic game modes where skills will be put to the test on the racetrack and in combat. As players explore the vast biomes, there are many secrets to discover and portals to be found that lead to other worlds and experiences. It is a place to build, shape, explore, discover, compete, or just hang out in a world of almost endless possibilities and immersive experiences,” the game’s description reads.

Build A Rocket Boy has announced that a closed alpha test on PC will start “soon” to enable invited players to take their first steps into this world – and help the development team gather valuable feedback. Interested gamers can sign up for a chance to be part of the proceedings through the official Everywhere website.