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After three years of silence ever since the game’s official announcement Playground Games and Microsoft have at last shown some footage of Fable. While this was heavily implied in a social media teaser for the latest Xbox Games Showcase, many fans hadn’t dared to hope that it would actually come to pass in fear of being disappointed yet again. Fear no more.

This cinematic trailer showed off a humble fruit farmer and giant - played by British comedian and actor Richard Ayoade - talking about the hero of the story. Unfortunately, we still have no release date or gameplay footage, so we'll likely be waiting until at least 2024 to play it.

This reboot of the beloved RPG series – Fable is technically the fourth mainline entry – has been in the works since at least 2018 and is being made for PC and Xbox Series X|S. It’s a big project for Playground, which has no prior experience at making this type of game, having exclusively developed the Forza Horizon series of racing games in the past.

Fable is known for its dynamic game worlds, in which players get to enjoy great freedom when it comes to deciding how to experience the adventure – they could form relationships and families, buy or sell houses, get different jobs, and participate in recreational minigames.

Characters would face transformations as a consequence of their choices: certain foods made characters fat, others made them thin; having more points in physique made characters look more buff; corrupt and evil people would find that they grew demon horns from their heads.

From what Microsoft and Playground Games have shown, the newest title seems to stick to those roots and doesn’t want to reinvent the wheel.

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